Update inventory from a Google Sheet

With Stockeo, you can sync the inventory in your Shopify store from a Google Sheet.

Publish the spreadsheet as CSV

The first step is to make the spreadsheet available as a CSV file under a link.

In Google Sheets, click on File > Share > Publish to web

Change the publication format from "Web page" to "Comma-separated values (.csv)", and click Publish.

Copy the file link that appeared after you clicked Publish.

Set up an automation in Stockeo

Create a new automation in Stockeo.

In the Feed Source section, paste the link you copied in the previous step into the URL field.

In the Data Mapping section, switch the format to CSV, and specify which column in the Google Spreadsheet contains SKUs and which one contains quantities. You can also add mapping for other columns if you want to sync other information like cost or price.

That's all you need to configure. Make sure to save the settings.

Run the automation

You can either wait until the scheduled time or run the automation manually. If you want to run it immediately, then go to the Automations page, and click on Run.

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