To recognize products in your store and take appropriate properties for them from the supplier feed, Stockeo needs a unique key for each item. The SKU is most commonly used for this.

Basic SKU settings

When your supplier provides the SKU in the feed, you can use this value directly. In the following example, the SKU is in the Code node.

Add a prefix to the SKU

Use this option if you would like to add a prefix to your SKU easily in the Create mode or in the Update mode when SKUs in your store contain a prefix which does not appear in the feed SKUs.

Generate SKU with the Liquid formula

It may also happen that no field in the feed can be used as the SKU. In this case, use a combination of several fields to create a unique id for each product. To do this enter the Liquid formula directly in the SKU field:

The Liquid formula above for items in this example feed gives the following results:

Use variant metafield to recognize a product from the feed

In case you do not have in your store the same SKUs of products as in the feed, but you store those SKUs in the metafields for individual products, you can use variant metafields as the key to enable Stockeo to associate product from your store with the product from the feed.

Use the following settings in the Data Mapping section of your automation:

Add a new Metafield field:

Select the variant metafield with the product SKU that matches the SKU in the feed.

Enter the name of the feed node where the SKU is stored.

Hit the gear icon. This button will be active if you select your variant metafield. Check the option Use a variant ID.

Delete the default SKU field in your automation. This is possible only if you checked the option above.

Otherwise, the SKUs of your items will be updated according to the value from the feed.

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