Quantity settings

Stockeo provides extensive options for managing how the quantity from the feed will affect the stock in your store. To change quantity settings, navigate to your Stockeo AutomationsEdit the desired automation → scroll down to the Data Mapping section → hit the gear icon next to the field in which you typed the name of your supplier's feed quantity. More quantity settings will then appear.

Override vs Add

This option allows you to choose whether the feed quantity will overwrite your current stock or if the feed quantity will be added to the current stock.

Quantity formula

You can specify a formula in Liquid to calculate quantity based on the feed quantity.

Round down to full tens

You can round quantity to full tens using the following formula:

{{ quantity | divided_by: 10 | floor | times: 10 }}

Transform text to number

You can convert a descriptive stock level to a number. For example, the formula below turns high to 50, low to 10, and out of stock to 0.

{%- case quantity -%}
{%- when "high" -%} 50
{%- when "low" -%} 10
{%- when "out of stock" -%} 0
{%- endcase -%}

Calculate with metafields

It's also possible to use a product or variant metafield in the quantity calculation.

  • product.metafields.namespace.key

  • variant.metafields.namespace.key

Let's assume you sell products in multipacks, and your provider tracks quantity of individual items. You can keep the multipack size in a variant metafield, and calculate the number of available multipacks with the following formula:

{% assign multipack_size = variant.metafields.custom.multipack_size | default: 1 %}
{{ quantity | divided_by: multipack_size }}

Low stock cut-off

In this field you can set the low stock cut-off. If the quantity in the feed is below or equal to the given value, your store's product quantity will be zeroed.

Reset missing SKUs

If this option is selected, the quantity of products whose SKUs are not present in the feed will be reset to zero. This will be applied to products matching filters.

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