To create a product in Shopify the requirement is to give it a title. However, it may happen there is no product name in the feed. Stockeo allows you to create a product title by combining several values from the feed using the Liquid formula.

Assume you want to create a title from some properties from the following JSON:

    "Stock_No": "210211",
    "Availability": "G",
    "Shape": "OVAL",
    "Weight": "1.7",
    "Color": "G",
    "Diamond_Type": "Natural Diamond",
    "Clarity": "SI2",
    "Cut_Grade": "VG",
    "Polish": "EX",
    "Symmetry": "VG",
    "Measurements": "9.36 X 6.80 X 4.10",
    "Rap_Price": "7300",

To do this type a Liquid formula in the Title field of your automation. For example, the one below:

Will give the following result:

The example above illustrates the creation of automatic product titles in Shopify using JSON as an example. Similarly, this works when the feed is a CSV or XML file. In that case, use the column/node name instead of the field name between the curly brackets in the Liquid formula.

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