Stockeo Help

Create products from a JSON feed

Stockeo can create products in your Shopify store from your supplier's JSON feed.

Add new Stockeo automation

First, add a new Stockeo automation. Navigate to your Shopify admin panelAppsStockeo. Click Create Automation. Type the automation name (or leave the default one). In the Processing Mode section pick whether to update or create (this option in our case) products. The Schedule section allows you to set when the automation should run.
How to add a new Stockeo automation with the create processing mode animated
Add a new Stockeo automation with the create processing mode

Set the connection

In the next step, set where to get the product feed from. Select one of the available channels - HTTP, FTP, or Email. If you are going to use FTP, fill in the Host URL, Username, Password, and File path fields. Once you finished, click Connect.
How to set up an FTP connection in Stockeo animated
Set up an FTP connection in Stockeo

Data Mapping

Let's move to the Data Mapping section. Start by choosing the JSON file format. Then, for the subsequent properties, assign the corresponding names from the JSON. You also can decide whether products created in this automation will have Draft or Active status.
Stockeo Data Mapping section
JSON feed
How to configure data mapping section in the Stockeo app for Shopify when you want to create products
Data Mapping configuration
"Product": [
"Title": "Pack Of 3 Energy Saving Candle Bulbs 7W (35W Equiv)",
"Code": 10,
"RRP": 2.95,
"AvailableStock": 29,
"Description": "Pack of 3 energy saving candle bulbs wth a power of 7 watts, saving energy. These are 40 watt equivalent bulbs",
"Image1": "",
"Image2": "",
"Image3": "",
"StockExpectedOn": "",
"StockStatus": "",
"Status": "DRD",
"Height": 0,
"Width": 0,
"Depth": 0,
"Weight": 0,
"CBM": 0,
"Barcode": 5050140001004,
"Categories": "Lighting > Bulbs and Accessories",
"Colour": "WHITE",
"Material": "GLASS",
"DeliverySize": "Small"

Speed up the automation using filters

If you have or plan to have products from other suppliers then a good practice is to add a fixed tag for this supplier, and also set a filter on this tag.
Set tag and filter for products
This will speed up processing, and make it easier to bulk edit or delete the products in case there would be something wrong with the imported data.

Run your automation

To see how it works, wait for a scheduled action or click Run to create products right away. Then navigate to the Stockeo History section. If you can see 'In progress' status, please refresh the page. The creation time depends on the feed size and the number of products. When the status is 'Success', you can click on Details to check how many and which products have been created. Click an SKU to see the created product.
Run the Stockeo automation animated annotated
Run the Stockeo automation and check the result